Saturday, August 29, 2009

Endless Summer '09

More summer fun...Labor Day kicked off at Big Corona beach with the Starks, the Bevacquas, the Bairds, & the McCollum-VanHoosears...

Lucas & AJ's kelp barge is getting reclaimed by the tide...

Adam & Annie prepare for our beach dinner...

Lucas & Daddy watch for the green flash just as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.

Sienna & Jon watch the sun go down...

Our new favorite brunch spot...Cafe R&D at Fashion Island in Newport...Kate is sporting some new pearls she bought today...

My loved ones :o)

Lucas attemps to float a penny on top of the fountain...
Last Weekend:
We beat the heat today by heading to Laguna Beach to visit our friends who live there. We are SO ready for the cooler season has started as several are burning in the Angeles National Forest today. Hopefully we'll get a break from this 100 degree plus weather we've been having for the past week!

If he knocks over my sandcastle, he's going right back in that water!

I think I have sand in every nook and cranny of my body!

I can't look...did the wave get my brother???

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Santa Fe Redoux

Victoria & I rendevous'd for a weekend in Santa Fe to boost the decor of their vacation rental. We had a GREAT time and found that we work very well together!

Upon arrival, we had a freak hailstorm greet us. It was SO cool to see such wierd weather...especially coming from southern California!

This is a picture I took of the entry from this past February - the place looks awesome in snow!

First we had to get some healthy faire for the kitchen...we bought some goodies at the Farmer's Market at the Railyard.

Here was our blank slate...time to get started! Main House living room - the new furniture arrived on day 1.

Vic contemplates the seating placement.

After ALOT of running around town, looking for bargains, we get the living room dialed at about 12:30am Monday morning.

We focused on the main living spaces with the limited time we had, but found a few items for some of the bedrooms...The Kachina dolls were adorable so at the Farmer's Market so we had to get them for the kids' room.

We didn't do anything yet to the master suite upstairs...It was in pretty decent shape. Maybe we'll get some new bedding when we return next February!

View from the deck off the Master Suite.
The Casita (Guest House)

Living/dining room...we decided to put the dining table on this wall... just felt better.

Fireplace wall with TV - new hutch, but still needed some "umph".
The dining table on the back wall seemed lost in the corner... we swapped the dining table & couch to better fill the space...
The bedroom was in need of some updates as the old bedding got replaced with....

new bedding that had more of a Santa Fe feel. We also found a cool triptic that told a poem in Spanish from a local artist at the Farmer's Market Art Fair, named Ganzo. We LOVED the story & the pieces.

...a nightime shot...

...and one of my favorite details - a tin rooster.

...and a daytime shot.