Monday, March 2, 2009

Special Agent Lucas Turns 5

Lucas celebrated turning 5 this past Sunday. He said he wanted a "Spy Kid" themed party. It turned out to be a very fun time. Lots of spies attended and we even had a special magic act for entertainment. Enjoy the pics...

The invitation...

The "Cheetah Spy"

The cause...Lucas wanted his party to help heal sick children. Open Heart Magic was the charity we found to support. Through this organization, volunteer magicians perform acts at Childrens' Hospitals to help with the recovery process... Lucas raised over $500 at his party!!! Check out OHM at:

Kate, the spy baby...

The birthday cake (shared with Justin whose birthday was March 1)

The making of spies...secret agent Ella prepares the kids for their ultimate mission at spy headquarters.

Sophia is transformed into a butterfly spy...

Micah becomes a secret pirate agent.

The order of the butterfly spies..Sophia, Sophia & Mallory.

Saige, the ever-elusive rainbow spy...

Our special spy-trainer, Brian Gillis - a magician - warms up the spies as they prepare for their special lessons. (Brian is him out at:
The spies respond perfectly...
Macy is trained in the fine art of cards - Brian guesses the card she selected and posts it to his forehead.

A creepy trick...Macy writes on a folded and sealed piece of paper, the name of a dog that no one else would know. The stuffed dog appears moments later with a collar labeled with the name she wrote on the piece of paper...He did this one several times for different folks...a remarkable trick!

Brian called up two of the biggest, strongest guys in the audience....Ray & Kurt. They were asked to lift Sue - at 115 lbs. They each did with no trouble at all as long as her eyes were open. If she closed them, she became as heavy as a house and couldn't be budged...a very bizarre phenomenon!

With Sue's eyes open, no problem...

She closes them, and Kurt can't budge her!

Ray no avail. He can't lift her either.

They both try and can't lift her. They said she felt it was "like trying to lift a truck".

Mallory has to write down the name of the first boyfriend she ever "french" kissed. She is embarrassed to have it guessed correctly in front of her parents - along with a sketch of him!

Wendy gets the old foam ball "dissappearing/reappearing act".

And is amazed when the ball she was holding doubled in size!

Once the spies completed their training, they parted with a special bag - filled with secret agent supplies to help them achieve their missions...should they choose to accept them!