Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Miss Katie Bug turns 9 months!

Miss Katie Bug turned 9 months this past Sunday. We decided to head to Laguna Beach - can you believe it? - to COOL OFF! It was nearly 90 degrees on Sunday so the beach was the perfect place to escape the heat. We had fish tacos at Wahoos and soaked our toes in the cool waters of the Pacific with the Flatt-Stykemian family. Lucas, (a Laguna Beach native) didn't waste any time heading for the surf. Kate loved the sand. At one point, she started crawling toward the ocean - as if she were a sea turtle returning to the sea as she scooted through the sand.

Awe....that sand feels SO good on my feet!

Justin & Alan with their boys, Evan & Benjamin

Hey Poppa, check out Lucas and the surfers!
Come on Daddy, its fun!

Daddy & Lucas stroll along the surf.