Monday, December 29, 2008

Holidays 2008

We celebrated many things this holiday season...our newest family member, the precious Miss Katie-Bug, our sweetheart of a son, Lucas, our family, our health and the (almost) completion of a major remodel. The pics of the remodel are coming (I know - I keep promising them, Allie...but I PROMISE I'll get to it as soon as I have a moment to spare). For now, we hope you enjoy some pics of the past month of life happenings around here and we wish all of you a very happy New Year.
Lucas & Kate's elf, Aloysius. He reported to Santa every night how good they both were so that Santa would bring them everything on their lists.
We lit a menorah for little honor of her birthfamily. (She also got some cool vintage dreidels from her Aunt Stacey & Uncle Neil).
Oh, to have the best of both worlds! Miss Kate LOVED opening presents!
Lucas gets a sharp new hat from Dorothy.

...and a Speed Racer car that has so many cool action features!

Hey, left your hat, you silly!

Santa! You got me that big-boy bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS! Its the coolest!

Miss Kate got a new high chair - she LOVES it!

Some of our decorations...our collection of nativity scenes.

The coffee table decorations were SO TEMPTING for Kate now that she can pull herself up to it!

Our Christmas tree(s) - a bosque of 5 live trees, one in Jeff's new antique kids' wheelbarrow.

Christmas Eve dinner with Grammy & Stacey & Neil. Complete with Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pudding & Crackers to pop for our Christmas crowns & silly jokes (what's up with that British humor?)
Grammy gives Kate some walking lessons. Kate is sporting her cousin Emma's "Baby's First Christmas" sleeper. Thanks little Ems!

Do I really have to pose in front of the presents when I'd much rather be ripping into them!

Gratuitous shot of my little cowpokes - two days before Christmas. Lucas wanted to wear his new boots & he is wearing MY FRINGE JACKET FROM WHEN I WAS HIS AGE (talk about bringing tears to my eyes)! Miss Katie Bug is sporting some fancy red ropers (Justin, of course!)

Our annual gathering of the kids from SF & Laguna - L-R Jesse, Benjamin, Evan, Kate, Lucas & Avery.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Wow, what a great turkey day we had! Our tradition (for the past 5 or so years) has been to head over to the Smiths' house for Thanksgiving. Julie makes an AMAZING turkey and everyone brings something to enjoy. Jeff's stuffing is always a hit as are Joanne's delicious pies. The day after, we headed up to Lake Arrowhead for a weekend in the cold mountains. Cozy fires, leftovers and Mexican food at Papagayo's made for a great time. The Smith girls couldn't keep their hands off Miss Katie Bug. Needless to say, Kate enjoyed the attention.

Turkey-hand pie crusts, compliments of Lucas & Kate

Our hosts, Ray & Julie

Ray poses with Jeff, Greg & Joanne (with her gorgeous new 'do)

Summer & Lucas toast the feast...

Julie & Jeff enjoying a tale...most likely something Ray did...

Macy gets some Kate time...

Julie tiakes a turn...Kate is in HEAVEN with all this attention...

Poppa steals some lovin'...

Saige shows off her home-made antlers to Miss Katie Bug...

Lucas & Summer have a good 'ole fashion pillow fight...

Hey, who let all these girls in my fort???

A surprise visit from Charmeen ;o)

There's nothing like a cozy cabin morning with good friends.

Lucas & Summer help Ray make a bird feeder out of a stump.